Completion of unleaded avgas testing pushed up another year

The FAA issued an update June 4, 2018, on its evaluation of unleaded fuels for general aviation, noting the completion of the testing is now expected in late 2019. According to agency officials, Phase Two of the testing continues, reaching the two-and-a-half year mark since the two finalists in the Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative (PAFI) […]

Unleaded avgas: A hot button issue

In a previous column, CYA, the FAA and the new unleaded avgas,  I discussed the problems the FAA may have with the new proposed unleaded 100 octane avgas. In addition to the lower octane characteristics of the avgas, one of the big concerns is exhaust valve recession. I received a number of responses to the […]

K9F0 first airport in Texas to see Swift Fuels unleaded avgas

DUBLIN, Texas — Dublin Municipal Airport (K9Fo) is now selling unleaded UL94 aviation gas for piston aircraft in collaboration with Swift Fuels. Using a specialized fuel dispensing unit, Swift Fuels will be the only on-site fuel distributed at Dublin Airport, which is located approximately 100 miles southwest of Dallas/Fort Worth. The announcement comes just days […]