Aergility introduces ATLIS VTOL

The Aergility ATLIS unmanned aerial vehicle, according to Founder and CEO Jim Vander Mey, is designed to take off and land vertically using electrically powered rotors. Once airborne, a gas-powered engine will provide all forward thrust to push the ATLIS at speeds around 100 mph. An email reply from Jim states “the powerplant we have […]

The Droner’s Manual published

New from ASA is “The Droner’s Manual: A Guide to the Responsible Operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft.” In The Droner’s Manual, author Kevin Jenkins compiles the most important and relevant knowledge into a guide for both beginner and experienced operators, according to ASA officials. With his expertise as a unmanned aerial vehicle operator in government, industry, […]

Ohio State sets drone world speed record

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio State University’s Aerospace Research Center recently set a world speed record for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of any size, pending verification. Ohio State’s drone flew autonomously with sustained average speeds of 147 mph over an out-and-back course approximately 28 miles long, which also set a record for the longest […]