Bondhus unveils new miniature hex key sets

Bondhus has added miniature hex key sets to its line of Hex and Ball End tools. The new sets are available in locking cases in both inch (.028”-5/64”) and metric (.71mm-2mm) versions. Company representatives report that Hex and Ball End tools are made from Bondhus’ exclusive Protanium steel. All Bondhus Hex and Ball End tools carry a […]

Knurled handle ratchet now available from Snap-On

Just introduced by Snap-On is the 1/2” Drive Tethered Ratchet with Knurled Handle. The new ratchet comes with a knurled handle, a manufacturing process that produces diamond-pattern serrations to allow for a better grip as opposed to a smooth metal surface, company officials explain. The 1/2” Drive Tethered Ratchet with Knurled Handle features a pinned […]

Platinum Tools introduces wire rope cutter

Platinum Tools has introduced a new Wire Rope Cutter. “Our new Wire Rope Cutter has been designed to cut through the toughest wire rope and cable,” said Lee Sachs, president and general manager. “Lightweight yet durable, it will cut 3mm steel cable and rope, and up to 6.5mm soft cabling without unwinding the wire rope. […]

Bondhus introduces Screw Grab

Bondhus has introduced Screw Grab, which helps technicians remove stripped screws. Tests have shown a single dab of Screw Grab improves the grip between metal surfaces by as much as 800%, according to company officials. “This is especially helpful when removing fasteners with damaged heads,” company officials note. Screw Grab also works to help sloppy […]

Cordless grease gun introduced

Snap-on has introduced its 2500 PSI Cordless Grease Gun Kit. According to company officials, the kit provides a turn-key solution for various aviation jobs in which lubricant pressure and application needs to be limited and closely monitored for the most favorable servicing results. The 2500 PSI Cordless Grease Gun Kit (part number CGGA8850PVKT) comes with […]