Sporty’s releases Pilot’s Aviation App Directory

Sporty’s has released its 2019 Pilot’s Aviation App Directory, which includes more than 100 aviation apps. “This certainly doesn’t represent every aviation app ever created, but it highlights some of the most useful and most popular ones,” Sporty’s officials note. You can see the full directory here. Sporty’s has released its 2019 Pilot’s Aviation App […]

Become a Garmin wizard

Sporty’s has partnered with Garmin to present new courses to make any pilot and aircraft owner an expert on Garmin avionics. “Advanced avionics training was once reserved for specialty flight schools and training centers, but now pilots can learn on their own time and anywhere they may be because of the availability of Sporty’s courses […]

Sporty’s releases 2019 edition of Instrument Proficiency Check Course

The latest edition of Sporty’s Instrument Proficiency Check Course has been released. The Instrument Proficiency Check Course, which includes more than three hours of HD video, is divided into 38 segments with a review quiz at the end that provides instant feedback on how you performed. New segments cover the latest weather products, such as […]

Video: Do you know the difference between roger and wilco?

A video posted by Sporty’s in April 2019 gives a light-hearted review of pilot slang from senior flight instructor Charlie Masters. He explains many different slang terms, from the the difference between roger and wilco to the phrase you should never say on the radio. “At the very least, you’ll be able to keep up […]