The fever and excitement of air racing

Story and Photos by Lisa Bentson The 2019 Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race at Terrell Municipal Airport (KTRL) in Texas was also an educational experience that brought the fever and excitement of aviation back to the annual Memorial Day weekend event. Spectators came from the city of Terrell and surrounding area to watch the Sport […]

Mark Hardin Air Race takes off May 26

For the last eight years air racers have looked toward Terrell, Texas, on Memorial Day weekend. The Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race has grown in the last eight years, becoming a charity event. Now, with the support of the city of Terrell, it is ready to present an amazing and worthwhile educational experience for all […]

Sport Air Racing League prepares for takeoff

The first race of the 2018 Sport Air Racing League season will take off April 7, 2018, at Sandersville, Georgia, with the Sunrise 100 Air Race. The fourth annual Sunshine Express 400 takes off the next day, April 8, with racers making their way to Winter Haven, Florida, in time for SUN ‘n FUN in nearby […]

Air Racing’s Royal Flush

Some people say air racing is dead. I say those folks aren’t playing with a full deck. Not only is the game of air racing alive and well, this year I was dealt a royal flush, and won a huge pot of fun. The Ace of Hearts A handful of ace aerobatic pilots from around […]

Pictures of the Day: Crowning the winners

The 10th Sport Air Racing League race season wrapped up for the year with the Rocket 100 Air Race in Taylor, Texas, and the crowning of the league’s National Champions for 2017. From left to right: Race 53 William E. Dubois, Production Silver; Race 35 Charles Cluck, Katalina Ramirez, and Dove Ramirez, Production Gold and […]

Air Racing from the Cockpit: Engine epilogue

Dispatch from KSAF, Santa Fe, N.M.: My chief mechanic and I are standing in his hangar, glumly staring at Race 53. Her engine is missing. Forward of the firewall, black fuel lines, orange air hoses, and white sensor wires dangle in mid air. Her new exhaust stack angles downward at a crazy angle. Her tails […]

Air Racing from the Cockpit: The final chapter

This is the second part of a two-part series. Read the first story here. Dispatch from an oil-soaked tarmac at KSAF, Santa Fe, New Mexico: My chief mechanic, sitting in Race 53’s cockpit, slowly inches the throttle forward. The dull thrum of the engine changes in tempo, becoming an angry snarl. Then the snarl shifts into […]

Racers fly for Hurricane Harvey victims

Hurricane Harvey impacted the Texas coast and the city of Houston in unimaginable ways. The devastation was monumental and the coming together of people from all across the U.S. to lend aid was something even the movies could not have scripted. The 2017 Galveston Island 150 Air Race was scheduled to run Sept. 9, 2017. […]

A dangerous flight

Dispatch from KSAF, Santa Fe, New Mexico: By dawn’s early light I can see the silver fins of the stroker engine through the air intakes in the nose bowl, the front cylinders a pair of griffins in twin caves, ready to leap from their lairs and devour slower prey. The new engine is ready to […]