GA advocates ask court to overturn Santa Monica deal

Officials with the National Business Aviation Association have urged a federal appeals court to legally void a deal between the FAA and the city of Santa Monica, California, that allows the city to shorten the runway and close the Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO) after 2028. At issue is a January 2017 agreement between the […]

Impacts of shortened SMO runway already being felt

The 10-day closing of Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO) in Southern California brought significant ramifications throughout the general aviation and business aviation communities, and those effects will linger now that the airport has reopened with a shorter runway and other infrastructure changes, officials with the National Business Aviation Association say. FBO Atlantic Aviation saw its […]

Santa Monica Airport to close Dec. 12 for 10 days

The city of Santa Monica, California, is proceeding with Phase 2 of a runway shortening project at Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO), closing the airfield for 10 days beginning at 9 p.m. (PST) on Tuesday, Dec. 12. The airport will be closed to all traffic until 7 a.m. (PST) Saturday, Dec. 23, when it will […]