Picture of the Day: Bringing our girl home

David Finstad submitted this photo and note: “This was the morning that I flew our newly purchased M20J Mooney home after just finalizing her purchase, along with the pre-purchase inspection from the seller just days earlier. I had just pulled her out of the seller’s hangar and sent this picture to my wife. Getting ready […]

The fun of formation flying

“Mooney Flight of Four, departing Runway 25, Suffolk.” With a slow nod, “Lead” advances his throttle, and begins his takeoff from the left side of the runway. A one-potato, two-potato count to five, and “Two,” on the right side of the runway, eyes fixed on Lead’s wing root, follows suit. Exactly five seconds later, “Three” […]

Bad weather doesn’t dampen Mooney Lunch Group visit to KLEE

By TED LUEBBERS Mooney pilots gathered for the fourth consecutive year at the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 534 hangar at the Leesburg International Airport (KLEE) in Florida on Jan. 13, 2018. The EAA chapter hosted the Mooney Lunch Group in its hangar on a rather cloudy and cool day for Floridians, which limited the number […]

Picture of the day: A chilly start to 2018

Rob Stapleton sent us this photo, taken at sunset at Merrill Field in Anchorage, Alaska, in the early days of January 2018. “We have been having lots of ground fog and what you see on the prop of this Mooney is hoarfrost from the fog,” he explains. Rob Stapleton sent us this photo, taken at […]

Cardinal Aviation introduces Mooney Fuel Selector Arm Extender

While the folks at Cardinal Aviation were doing an annual on a friend’s Mooney, they noticed he had made a device from PVC to switch the fuel selector on the floor between his legs while sitting upright. “Just for fun we added it to our product line and it became our first international sale,” company officials […]

Have a Mooney Christmas

Sporty’s has chosen the Mooney M20 for its 2017 Christmas ornament. This year’s ornament, the 33rd in the series, features the Mooney M20. Created from crystal, the ornament — the 33rd in the series — features an M20 along with “Christmas 2017.” “You’d think we would have run out of airplanes pilots love to feature […]