Ask Paul: What’s the best oil for my airplane?

Q: Paul, I fly my single engine Comanche two to three times a month during our cold winter months here in Wisconsin. During EAA chapter meetings and fly-outs, we debate what is the best engine oil to use? The most common answers are 15-50 multi viscosity oil or a straight weight like 80 or 100. […]

Why is there steam inside my 152’s engine?

Q: May I ask a question regarding our engine in a Cessna 152? When we shut down from flight, there’s a foam or steam inside the engine and it will come out at the breather like water. What is the cause of this and what is the remedy? Also, what is the hottest cylinder in […]

What should I do about rust in the barrels of cylinders?

Q: I read some of the material you have posted and was very impressed. I have a question about finding rust in the barrels of the cylinders. Here is the situation: A customer is looking to buy a Piper Lance II. It was asked that we do an annual instead of a pre-buy inspection. The engine […]