New features unveiled for flying car

Flying car company Terrafugia has unveiled new features for its Transition, including a hybrid electric motor, a boost feature for flying, and updated safety systems, including three rearview cameras in drive mode.

Legend Cub makes first flight in Germany

The first flight of a Legend Cub in Germany was made recently. The Legend Cub AL3 was purchased by a resident of Germany, shipped overseas via container, and will remain N-registered for leisure flights in the European Union. Jeffrey Huntoon of Trier, Germany, holds FAA and EASA issued ATP certificates. He’s flown professionally for the […]

Pilot Report: Super Petrel LS

Around 1,800 pilots have invested in delivery positions for the highly-anticipated ICON A5 Light-Sport amphibian, which, by all accounts, is a great little seaplane. However, production delays have frustrated many potential ICON owners who want to experience the fun of water flying sooner rather than later. Enter Scoda Aeronautica, which manufactures the Super Petrel LS […]

US Sport Planes named Jabiru LSA distributor

US Sport Planes of Denton, Texas, has been appointed the North American importer and distributor for Jabiru Light-Sport Airplanes for North America. The company will be the exclusive importer and market the full line of LSA airplanes manufactured in Australia by Jabiru Aircraft. Jabiru Aircraft has sold more than 2,000 aircraft and more than 6,000 […]