100 Years of Airmail celebrated with flight

May 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the first U.S. government airmail flight. To honor that milestone, a collection of classic airmail planes from 1931 will fly the original Contract Air Mail Route 8 (C.A.M. 8) from San Diego to Seattle. The flight is scheduled for Sunday, May 13-Friday, May 18. Aircraft on the flight […]

Book: Vertical Horizons dives into the history of Canada’s Okanagan Helicopters

From a humble start (aren’t they all though?) Okanagan Helicopters has a remarkable history that includes, “the first unaccompanied commercial helicopter ferry flight from Canada to the UK, monitoring polar bears in the High Arctic, providing offshore oil rig support during monsoons, and, at the company’s high point, operations in over 33 countries with 600 […]

Book: The 25 Most Influential Aircraft of All Time

If you had to pick what you believed were the 25 most influential aircraft of all time, could you do it? Could you limit it to just 25? Are there 25? For that matter, what you believe to be influential might be vastly different from a list compiled by Bill Lear or Bill Boeing. A […]