Vintage and vanishing military helicopters

The use of helicopters in the U.S. Air Force predates the Air Force as a separate service. In World War II, limited numbers of Sikorsky R-4s flew for the Army Air Forces. But with the separation of the Air Force from the Army in 1947, both branches of the military coveted helicopters to do certain […]

Book: Vertical Horizons dives into the history of Canada’s Okanagan Helicopters

From a humble start (aren’t they all though?) Okanagan Helicopters has a remarkable history that includes, “the first unaccompanied commercial helicopter ferry flight from Canada to the UK, monitoring polar bears in the High Arctic, providing offshore oil rig support during monsoons, and, at the company’s high point, operations in over 33 countries with 600 […]

Free checklist to find the right training in helicopters

Finding the right flight instructor is important for the success of any future pilot. The student’s future career, personal safety, and a significant chunk of money is in the hands of the instructor or school when a student learns to fly, especially a helicopter, according to Kevin Kahl of 11th Dimension Helicopters. Unfortunately, many aspiring pilots […]