Hangar evokes Captain America

With a decorative star and patriotic blue front, you might think this hangar home is owned by Captain America. But it is actually owned by Jim Weitman of Weitman Excavation in Sherwood, Ore., along with his wife Star, who live on a private grass airstrip just outside of North Plains, Ore. The couple say flying brings […]

Be the old man

The kid’s pace slowed as the tree line fell behind, the green grass of the airport coming into view. Pedaling slower while steering the bike off the main thoroughfare and onto the little used service road, the kid’s eyes scanned the grounds. Beyond the chain link fence, the Do Not Enter signs, and the undeveloped […]

The importance of a good couch

In the back of my hangar sits the skeleton of a 1949 Piper PA-16 Clipper. It hasn’t flown in many years. That’s kind of sad. Hopefully, somebody will take on the task of restoring it to its former glory one day and it will become airborne again. I can only hope. In front of the […]

New hangar opens at KGYY

B. Coleman Aviation, an FBO at the Gary/Chicago Airport (KGYY) in Indiana has completed construction on a 40,000-square-foot hangar. The new hangar offers a 28′ door and can house four large-cabin aircraft, along with eight midsize to small body aircraft, according to company officials. It will significantly boost the capacity for transient customers visiting the […]