Picture of the Day: A surprisingly good skiplane

Harry Fenton submitted the following photo and note: “Harry Fenton’s 1968 Cessna 150H with a rare set of Fluidyne nose and main skis mounted. The 150 is a decent skiplane if the temperature and snow conditions are right. Ambient temperatures from 0°F to 20°F are best, with 4″-6″ of firm snow. If the snow is […]

Picture of the Day: Baby it’s cold outside

Colton Kinney submitted the following photo and note: “Pre-flight warm up.Burt Ackerman and his 1946 Super Cruiser at Winsted Airport in Minnesota.” Would you like to have your photo featured as Picture of the Day? You can submit it via this form. All photos sent in for Picture of the Day are also considered for […]

A logbook success

Whether you use paper and pen or a keyboard to log your flights, do you go above and beyond to document the details? Why? Why not?