First run of GE Aviation’s new turboprop engine

GE Aviation‘s Advanced Turboprop engine successfully completed its first engine test run at GE Aviation’s facility in Prague, Czech Republic, Dec. 22, 2017. According to GE Aviation officials, it is the first clean-sheet turboprop engine to hit the business and general aviation (BGA) market in more than 30 years. “Running the Advanced Turboprop engine this year […]

Prime Turbines named repair and overhaul center for GE turboprop engines

Dallas-based Prime Turbines has advanced its partnership with GE Aviation from a Designated Repair Center (DRC) to an Authorized Repair and Overhaul Center (AROC) for GE M601 and H Series turboprop engines. Under the new designation, Prime Turbines has the authority to accept and overhaul all GE M601 and H Series engines. Prime Turbines is […]