Would you report a risky pilot to the FAA?

In a new blog post, Leah Read, a senior air safety investigator in the NTSB Office of Aviation Safety, warns against turning a blind eye to risky behavior in another pilot. She notes that when NTSB investigators arrive at the scene of a fatal accident, they soon pick up on clues that the pilot exhibited […]

What happens if I have an accident?

A recent post from insurance company Global Aerospace details what you should do if you are involved in an aircraft accident. It’s full of tips that can help all aircraft owners. What Can Trigger a Claim? Most aircraft insurance policies respond to two types of claims: Those that involve physical damage to the insured aircraft […]

Drone operator errors caused drone, helicopter collision

The National Transportation Safety Board determined Dec. 13, 2017, that the operator of a drone that collided with an U.S. Army helicopter failed to see and avoid the helicopter because he was intentionally flying the drone out of visual range and did not have adequate knowledge of regulations and safe operating practices. The incident took […]

What you need to know about aviation insurance

Nothing can take the joy out of being a pilot or aircraft owner like having an incident with your aircraft, then learning that it is not covered, or not sufficiently covered, by your aviation insurance. To avoid that one-two punch, it’s critical you understand what you need and what you’re getting when purchasing your aviation […]

Student loses control on landing roll

Loss of Control NTSB Accident ReportThe student pilot reported that during the landing roll at the airport in Perry, N.Y., he heard something fall in the back seat. He looked back and when he looked forward again the Piper PA 28-140 had veered to the right. He attempted to correct with the rudder, but reported that he “overcorrected” to the […]