Picture of the Day: Boggy Creek takeoff

Roger Helton, CEO of SuperPetrel USA, sent in this photo, of one of the company’s LSAs preparing to take off from the Boggy Creek Canal in Florida. Would you like to have your photo featured as Picture of the Day? You can submit it via this form. All photos sent in for Picture of the […]

Pilot Report: Super Petrel LS

Around 1,800 pilots have invested in delivery positions for the highly-anticipated ICON A5 Light-Sport amphibian, which, by all accounts, is a great little seaplane. However, production delays have frustrated many potential ICON owners who want to experience the fun of water flying sooner rather than later. Enter Scoda Aeronautica, which manufactures the Super Petrel LS […]

Atol triphibian for sky, sea, or snow

To many observers, the development of Light-Sport Aircraft seaplanes is fast-paced, inventive, and intriguing. You may have read about entries from the USA, Europe, or New Zealand. How about Finland? “Finland has 188,000 lakes,” said Anssi Rekula, cofounder and sales director for Atol Avion, producer of the Atol LSA seaplane. “We know the joys of […]