What’s going on with the left prop on my Piper Mojave?

Q: I just bought a Piper Mojave. It has 1,200 hours on both engines. Pre-buy, including oil analysis, was good. During a maiden flight, the left prop feathered on prop check. We checked the dome pressure, it was low. We topped it to 41 psi. Took off for an hour flight. Landed and left prop […]

PT6A Pre-Owned Engine Program launches

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has introduced a Certified Pre-Owned program for its in-service fleet of PT6A engines. Through their aircraft dealer, customers of PT6A-powered used aircraft whose engines are certified under the program will be given a one-year/500-hour first run warranty, along with additional benefits, which include options for six months complimentary technical publications, […]

Continental names Air Power preferred distributor

Continental Motors Group has designated Air Power as a preferred distributor for factory new and factory rebuilt engines. Air Power offers the full range of Continental gasoline engines. Customers will be able to request quotes, engine customization, and place orders through direct links from the Continental website and using dedicated phone lines. “Air Power has […]