Airbus Terminating A380 Program in 2021

Emirates has reduced its A380 order backlog and opted to purchase A350s and A330neos.

TOULOUSE - With the last major order for cut back, Airbus announced Feb. 14 that it is terminating the A380 program.

Emirates announced it will only take 14 more A380s instead of the 53 it had on firm order so far. The order is revised and now includes 40 A330-900s and 30 A350-900s according to a new heads of agreement.

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Will you fly the aircraft of the future?

This article may either excite you or annoy you. I understand. I have mixed feelings about a new class of airplanes I don’t understand as well as familiar, legacy ones. Perhaps like you, I’m annoyed because I didn’t foresee this and because these new proposed machines are not my experience over many decades of flight. […]