The Wichita Fokker

Reminiscent of the World War I German Fokker D.VII fighter, the elephant ear Travel Air 2000 gained a nickname as the Wichita Fokker.

Distracted pilot runs out of fuel

Probable cause: The pilot’s improper verification of the fuel quantity during the preflight inspection, which resulted in fuel exhaustion and a subsequent loss of engine power. Contributing to the accident was the pilot’s distraction due to a malfunctioning hangar door and a telephone call while preparing for the flight.   

Countdown to Project Skylab

“It’s a launchpad for the future,” "Lites" explains. “Just like Skylab is a launch pad for those who are going to the moon, we are going to give the students a foundation from which to leap into their own personal future.”

Mid-air collision kills four

Probable cause: The failure of both pilots in both airplanes to see and avoid the other airplane as they converged nearly head-on at the same altitude.

Do you use GPS?

If you don’t use GPS, and I suppose there are a few who don’t, then this shouldn’t be a problem. But for the rest of us, this could be a big problem.