The FAA Budget Proposes Heavy R&D Cuts

The FAA’s fiscal 2019 budget request of $16.1 billion is about 1.9% down from fiscal 2017’s approved level and includes a hefty cut in its research, engineering and development (RE&D) funding.

It also calls for slight reductions in operations, and facilities and equipment (F&E), as well as staffing.

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Trump Backs ATC Reform, But With Less Fanfare

WASHINGTON—The Trump administration in its fiscal 2019 budget submission renewed the controversial effort to divest the FAA of its air traffic control (ATC) function by creating a separate organization.

In summary documents released Feb. 12, the administration said its budget contains a multiyear FAA reauthorization proposal to shift U.S. ATC to a “non-governmental, independent air traffic services cooperative.” The restructuring would drive innovation and efficiency of the National Airspace System (NAS) while maintaining safety, the administration said.

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