What goes up…

Adding safety systems, such as a parachute, can go a long way toward increasing the functionality of your drone.

Lack of safety wires contributes to homebuilt’s crash

Probable cause: The airplane builder's failure to install safety wires on the brake disc attachment bolts, and the mechanic’s failure to identify the omission during the condition inspection. The subsequent brake disc separation resulted in a loss of di

Search mission ends fatally

Probable cause: The pilot's failure to maintain adequate airspeed while maneuvering in high winds, which resulted in the airplane exceeding its critical angle of attack and an aerodynamic stall. Contributing to the accident was the pilot's improper decision to load the airplane beyond its allowable gross weight and center of gravity limits.

Are these cylinders steel or nitride?

Q: I just bought a Lycoming O-320 engine that was apart for overhaul for a homebuilt project. The engine came with four overhauled cylinders. Three of the cylinders are part number LW-12417 and one is part number LW-12416. I cannot find any information as to whether the LW-12417 are plain steel or nitride cylinders. I […]

Carb icing contributes to crash

Probable cause: A partial loss of engine power due to the formation of carburetor icing, which resulted from the student pilot’s failure to apply carburetor heat and the flight instructor’s delayed response in applying carburetor heat while