Bounced landing bends Luscombe

Probable cause: The pilot's improper landing flare, which resulted in a bounced landing, and his subsequent failure to maintain directional control, which resulted in a runway excursion.

Pilot hits airport fence during aborted landing

The tailwheel-endorsed pilot, who was receiving additional instruction from a flight instructor acting as a safety pilot in the tailwheel-equipped Aviat A-1C, reported that during the landing roll before the tail settled to the runway, a gust of wind “pushed” the airplane to the right edge of the runway. He added that he attempted to […]

Unstabilized approach bends Yak

The pilot of the high-performance Yakovlev Yak reported that, on his third simulated forced landing, while turning left base to final in a slip, he realized that the airplane was too low and not aligned with the runway at the airport in Tracy, California. He applied full throttle to go around. The airplane responded suddenly […]

Landing on grass runway goes awry

The pilot reported that he ferried the straight float-equipped Piper PA-20S to a grass airstrip in Arcadia, Florida, for an annual inspection. During landing in crosswind conditions, he applied back pressure to the controls upon touchdown and added power, but the plane lifted and came back down quickly. The crosswind had drifted the airplane to […]

Aviat pilot dies in crash

The Aviat A-1C-180 hit trees and terrain while on approach to land on a privately-owned grass runway in Clarksville, Texas. The pilot died in the crash. There were no witnesses to the accident. The airplane came to rest about 2,100′ from the approach end of Runway 24 and about 250′ left of the extended runway centerline. […]

Stearman hits Fairchild on the ground

The pilot of the tailwheel equipped Fairchild M62A reported that after landing on the 2,400′ by 100′ private grass runway in Valley Center, Kansas, he pulled off to the right of the runway about 2/3 of the way down with his engine at idle power to watch a Stearman, which he had been flying in […]

Piper experiences total loss of engine power on takeoff

According to the pilot, the Piper PA-28 experienced an abrupt, total loss of engine power during the initial climb on takeoff. He lowered the nose and conducted a forced landing to an open field near Lexington, Missouri. Upon touchdown, the nose landing gear collapsed and the engine mount sustained substantial damage. Nearby temperature and dew […]

Overweight plane crashes on takeoff

The airline transport pilot, who was the pilot flying, and commercial pilot, who was the pilot not flying and was acting as a safety pilot and was not expected to know the airplane’s systems, limitations, or characteristics, were preparing to depart for a personal flight with eight passengers on board the Beech 100. When the […]