Fuel exhaustion leads to forced landing on interstate

The pilot reported that during a night visual meteorological condition flight, he was receiving flight following from air traffic control and had to divert around convective weather. About 7 nautical miles from his destination airport, the Cessna 172’s fuel supply was exhausted and the engine lost power. The pilot was able to touchdown on an […]

Excessive side loads breaks tailwheel

The airline transport pilot was departing from a remote unimproved airstrip in Fairbanks, Alaska. He stated that, as he initiated the takeoff, everything seemed normal. About 300′ into the takeoff roll, the Helio H295 veered sharply left, exited the airstrip, and hit brush and trees, which resulted in substantial damage to the fuselage and left […]

Homebuilt’s first flight ends in crash

The commercial pilot reported that the accident flight was the first flight in the experimental, amateur-built Carbon Concepts since he had completed building it. He added that, shortly after departure, while in level cruise flight, he heard a loud “pop” and immediately saw that the left wing’s leading-edge slat had buckled and distorted, which made […]

Piper crashes after loss of engine power

After a preflight inspection and engine run up that revealed no anomalies, the private pilot and two passengers were departing on a cross-country flight from the airport in Grants, N.M. The pilot stated that the Piper PA 32R-300 became airborne approximately 5,000′ down the 7,172′ runway at 80 knots. Approximately 100′ above ground level, he […]

Bad landing bends Bellanca

The pilot reported that, while on a personal cross-country flight and approaching his destination airstrip, smoke in the cockpit and oil on the windscreen limited his forward visibility. He said that, while landing, he inadvertently touched down about 15 yards short of the site. The right wing hit a stand of brush, which pivoted the […]

Fuel mismanagement leads to forced landing

The airline transport pilot reported that, before the flight preceding the accident flight, he added 19 gallons of fuel to the Piper PA-30’s auxiliary and main fuel tanks. He noted that he did not add fuel to the tip tanks and that he had used all the fuel in those tanks during the flight before […]

Student pilot seriously injured in crash

The solo student pilot reported that on final to the airport in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, following a cross-country flight, “it was really bumpy,” the airplane was at a “pretty steep angle,” and the stall warning horn was “really going crazy.” He further reported that he tried to avoid a stall, lowered the nose of the Cessna […]

Mid-air claims three lives

The accident airplanes were the first two of a flight of six that were travelling to another airport for the pilots and passengers to have breakfast together. The Cessna 120 departed first as it was a slower airplane and required more time to fly to the destination airport. The Piper PA-28-140 departed about 1 minute 18 […]

Failure to add oil after oil change fatal

Earlier on the day of the accident, the pilot/mechanic flew the Cessna 172 from its home base airport to another airport to perform scheduled maintenance. Airport security video captured the entire maintenance event and showed the pilot/mechanic removing the engine cowling, draining the engine oil, and inspecting the spark plugs, air filter, and other components. […]

Cracked hydraulic fitting flare cause of Seawind accident

The pilot, who was conducting a cross-country personal flight, reported that, after arriving at his destination and trying to ensure that the Seawind 3000 was configured for the water landing, he observed that the right main landing gear (MLG) indicator light was off and that the hydraulic pressure read 0. He attempted to retract the right […]