Poor preflight results in fuel starvation

While on final during a practice instrument approach, the engine lost total power. An attempted engine restart and switching of the fuel tanks was unsuccessful. The flight instructor took control of the Beech V35B from the pilot receiving instruction, and executed a forced landing to a corn field near Sioux Falls, S.D. The airplane sustained […]

Check ride practice goes awry

The student pilot reported that he was preparing for his private pilot check ride, and after about 90 minutes of flying, he approached the airport in Simsbury, Connecticut, and entered the traffic pattern for runway 21, a 2,205′ runway. The student pilot added that, while established on short final, he chose to perform a go-around […]

Improperly rigged landing gear leads to crash

The commercial pilot stated that, during the landing roll at the airport in Monett, Missouri, following a normal landing, the North American Navion began pulling to the right. The airplane departed the right side of the runway and traveled down an embankment and through a barbed wire fence. When the pilot inspected the airplane, he […]

Aborted takeoff bends Beech 58

The pilot reported that, during a maintenance test flight, when the Beech 58 reached rotation speed on takeoff, he applied elevator control to rotate. The elevator control could not be moved sufficiently aft for rotation and liftoff, and the pilot aborted the takeoff at the airport in Wichita Falls, Texas. During the aborted takeoff, the […]

Piper J-5A bent during emergency landing

The pilot was returning from a local flight when he intentionally ran the right fuel tank dry. After switching fuel tanks, he attempted to restart the Piper J-5A’s engine, but the attempt was unsuccessful. During an emergency landing on a narrow road near Sterling, Alaska, the right wing hit brush and trees, which resulted in […]

CAP evaluation flight ends with bent 182

The flight instructor reported that during a Civil Air Patrol evaluation flight in Fallbrook, California, he decided to demonstrate a power off landing to the pilot being evaluated. The flight instructor reported that when the Cessna 182 touched down within the first 400′ of the 2,160′ runway, the brakes were ineffective during the landing roll. […]

Distracted student hits hangar with 172’s wing

The solo student pilot reported that after he had landed at the airport in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, he taxied to get fuel. He was waved around behind two parked airplanes. After he passed the first airplane, the left wing of his Cessna 172 hit a hangar. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the left wing and […]

Loose B-nut results in fuel starvation

The pilot reported that after takeoff, and about 150′ above the runway in Brunswick, Georgia, the Cirrus SR20’s engine had a total loss of power. He further reported that a clear liquid sprayed from the upper cowling onto the windscreen. He aborted the takeoff, landed on the runway remaining, but was unable to stop prior […]