Through the eyes of a child

By CALEB MUNDT When I took my first flight lesson over four years ago, I remember feeling a wonder at the miracle of flight. There is nothing quite like the feeling of an airplane finally reaching rotation speed and breaking contact with the ground. Over time, though, it can be easy for such experiences to […]

Eche la Culpa

Presidential TFRs are complicated. These flight restrictions are temporary and, often, the boundaries keep moving. Furthermore, they can occur without warning anytime a president decides to travel. They are kind of like pop-up summer thunderstorms. They’re avoidable, but a pilot sometimes has to use every available resource to avoid them. A search of NASA’s Aviation Safety […]

My Story: Flying to a mystical place

By Vetrichelvan Jayaprakasan I came to know about a mystical place called Orcas Island after I read a book called “Immortal Self,” written by Master Rishi Aaravindha Himadra. I was deeply inspired by the spiritual knowledge and real life experiences shared by Aaravindha. When I found out he lives in Orcas Island, Washington, I thought […]

Terrific twin T-34s

In 1987, Reid Garrison bought a shell of a T-34A Beechcraft Mentor that had been languishing in a hangar in Memphis to restore with his sons Brett and Jeff. It had no canopy, no engine, no instrument panel, and no control surfaces. This did not faze Reid. He had already restored two T-6s. And his […]

Concern for the bottom line hurts general aviation

When I got out of college in 1967 and started work, most companies were run by technical people who supported research and development. In the lab we were allowed a lot of latitude to work on related projects that may not have an immediate payout. This lasted for a few years, but with the change […]

Air Racing from the Sidelines: The rest of the (engine) story

Dispatch from Jose’s Bar and Grill on Route 66: Iconic radio broadcaster Paul Harvey was famous for his “The Rest of the Story” reports, which dug deeper into headline stories or found little known and forgotten gems of modern history. He liked to end the broadcast segment, which reached 24 million people on 1,200 radio stations, […]

More than $100,000 in scholarships available

The National Gay Pilots Association has launched its 2018 scholarship program, which encompasses more than $100,000 in awards from private pilot to tailwheel endorsement to advanced flight training. NGPA is the largest organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pilots, aviation professionals, and enthusiasts from around the world. Its mission is to build, support, and […]

Call for nominations for Texas Aviation Hall of Fame

HOUSTON – Nominations are now being accepted for the 2019 inductees into the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame. To be selected as an inductee, a candidate must be either a Texan who has made extraordinary contributions to aviation, or a Texas aviator who has made an extraordinary contribution to the United States or the world […]

Concrete Fly-In moves dates to July 13-15

The 37th annual Concrete Fly-In in Washington state will move its traditional third weekend of July date up one week to July 13-15. The move was made to accommodate flyers who would like to attend the July 6-8 Arlington Fly-In and still have time to make it to the July 23-29 EAA AirVenture Fly-In, according […]