Student hits power lines during simulated engine failure

The flight instructor reported he was providing simulated engine failure (SEF) training, with a left 180° turn, to the student pilot. During the second SEF, he cut the power and the student pilot slowly made a left turn from downwind to base to the airport in Gilmer, Texas. The flight instructor recalled that the student […]

Airplane noses over trying to avoid deer on runway

Following a day visual meteorological condition flight, during the landing roll, two deer jumped onto the runway at the airport in Climax, N.C. The pilot swerved the Cessna 120 to the right off of the runway, avoiding both deer. During the runway excursion, the right main landing gear became caught in tall grass and the […]

Lake LA-4 sinks into lake

The pilot of the amphibious Lake LA-4 reported that during the fourth water landing of the flight, during touchdown, “the nose pitched down aggressively” and the airplane nosed over. He and a passenger were able to perform an emergency evacuation before the airplane sank near Greers Ferry, Arkansas. The fuselage sustained substantial damage. During a […]

Improper soft-field takeoff fatal for two

The pilot and passenger were departing on a personal, cross-country flight from a grass runway in Rockville, Indiana. A witness saw the Cessna 150 lift off from the 2,081′ runway near midfield with a high pitch attitude, but he did not see the subsequent climbout or accident. The airplane hit tall trees about 1,100′ past […]

Failure of exhaust valve key spring bends Navion

The commercial pilot stated that, while in cruise flight, the Navion’s engine began to run rough. He noted that the Nos. 1 and 5 cylinders were indicating significantly cooler temperatures than the other cylinders. About 12 minutes later, he noticed an “acrid metallic smell” in the cabin. The pilot turned the plane toward the closest […]

Piper hits deer on landing

The pilot in command (PIC) of the Piper PA-32 executed a normal approach to the airport in Lincoln Park, N.J., following an instrument proficiency check. He said that during the landing flare the flight instructor “grabbed the yoke and pulled up,” and he heard a loud thump. The PIC reported that he thought the flight […]

Fuel starvation leads to Bellanca’s forced landing

The pilot departed with the intention of filling the Bellanca’s fuel tanks at a nearby airport before proceeding to his destination. Shortly after takeoff, he adjusted the engine controls for cruise flight and then noticed a loss of engine power. He initiated emergency procedures by switching from the right main fuel tank to the left […]

Tango driver hits ant hill on landing

The pilot reported that while decelerating during the landing roll on a grass runway near Sunrise Beach Village, Texas, the Tango 2’s nose gear began to skid. The nose gear hit an ant hill, which resulted in a nose over and substantial damage to the fuselage and empennage. After the accident, he reported that the […]

80-year-old pilot hits power line

The 80-year-old pilot usually flew with his son and not by himself. On the day of the accident, he intended to fly solo around a lake in his Pietenpol Aircamper and then return to the private landing strip to pick up his son for an additional flight together He took off from the landing strip […]

The deadly flight risk that’s often ignored

Most general aviation pilots spend the majority of their flight time below 10,000’. This has led many to become complacent to the risks of hypoxia. Hypoxia is a killer, robbing our blood of much-needed oxygen — and the resulting effects can be deadly. In recent years, the GA community has increased its vigilance in maintaining […]