Pilot hits light pole while trying to park his 172

According to the pilot, during the taxi from the runway to parking at the airport in Shawnee, Oklahoma, he made a left turn into his parking space. He reported that he had parked at this location many times before, and that his main concern at the time was to ensure that he did not run […]

Broken shoulder harness increases severity of injuries in crash

The pilot and the passenger, a friend who was previously a student pilot but never completed his training, were making their first flight together. The pilot, who sustained serious injuries, did not recall the accident. The passenger reported that the pilot took off from the departure airport and then transferred the controls to him and […]

Fuel starvation leads to forced landing on roof

The pilot estimated that he departed on the 10-minute, 16-mile, local flight with one fuel tank about half full and the other tank about  a quarter full. He did not recall which tank he had the fuel selector positioned to during takeoff. During descent for landing, he observed the engine rpm decrease to between 500 […]

Fuel contamination leads to gear-up landing

The pilot was taking off in the Mooney M20 when the engine began to sputter and lose power. He elected to reduce engine power and land on the remaining runway at the airport in Little Rock, Arkansas, however he had already retracted the landing gear. He lowered the landing gear handle, but was not able […]

Bird nest brings down Piper

During preflight inspection of the Piper PA-22, the pilot discovered three baby birds in the cockpit. After removing the birds, he continued his preflight inspection, looking for a nest. He noticed that the rag normally used to cover one of the elevator openings was missing, but he did not find a nest inside. Immediately after […]

Cessna 210 pilot dies in crash

The Cessna 210 hit trees near Wantage, N.J., about an hour into a night cross-country flight. The pilot died in the crash. The weather was clear, with nearly a full moon and unrestricted visibility. The airplane was not reported overdue, but air traffic control began receiving reports of an emergency locator transmitter shortly after the […]

Loss of electrical power leads to bent 182

The private pilot stated that, while on a cross-country flight, he noted that the Cessna 182 was losing electrical power and decided to make a precautionary landing near Lake City, Florida. He attempted to extend the landing gear and advised air traffic control of the emergency before all electrical power was lost. Since electrical power […]

Twin Beech with a twist

You know the classic Twin Beech Model 18, right? It has twin tails, a tailwheel, and a bit of a pug nose. That is until Pacific Airmotive took it into its Burbank shop and created a tricycle-gear, single-tail, high-forehead pointy-nose business aircraft and commuter airliner in the 1960s from this pre-war design. Called the Tradewind […]

T-6 crash fatal for two

The airline transport pilot and a passenger departed on a local flight as part of a flight of two airplanes in daytime visual meteorological conditions. Shortly after takeoff, witnesses heard the North American AT-6’s engine popping; another witness reported a possible loss of power. The plane entered a right turn and appeared to slow. It […]

Glacier Girl survives its own ice age

Any P-38 Lightning fighter of World War II is a crowd-pleaser. The Lightning called “Glacier Girl” amped that enthusiasm even higher at SUN ‘n FUN 2018. “Glacier Girl” was literally frozen in time from 1942 to 1992. Part of a flight of six brand-new P-38s and two B-17s heading to Europe to bolster American forces, […]