Unleaded avgas: A hot button issue

In a previous column, CYA, the FAA and the new unleaded avgas,  I discussed the problems the FAA may have with the new proposed unleaded 100 octane avgas. In addition to the lower octane characteristics of the avgas, one of the big concerns is exhaust valve recession. I received a number of responses to the […]

Human Factors: Elevators

I had a flight instructor once demonstrate how to take off, fly a pattern, and land a Cessna 172 using only power, rudder, and trim controls. Many years later another flight instructor demonstrated the same thing to me during a Boeing 717 simulator session. Granted, both departures were long, flat climb-outs. The approaches were also […]

The world’s busiest airport — for a week

During the week of SUN ’n FUN, Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport becomes the busiest airport in the nation. But that’s nothing new for the airport, where there is always something new going on. Just since last year’s SUN ’n FUN, the airport opened its new U.S. Customs facility; cut the ribbon on the new NOAA building; a […]

Sun sets on Knight’s days as chairman of SUN ‘n FUN

When SUN ’n FUN closed on Sunday, April 16, 2018, Chairman of the Board Bob Knight stepped down as the point man of the organization after serving for six and a half years. While this was his last fly-in as chairman, he will remain on the SUN ’n FUN board. A tall, genial Southern gentleman, […]

Hurricane Irma can’t stop SUN ’n FUN

As the thousands of visitors walked around the SUN ’n FUN grounds this year, it must have been hard for them to imagine the devastation that Hurricane Irma brought to the airport just eight months ago. The hurricane roared through Lakeland on Sept. 10, 2017, with sustained winds of 100 mph and gusts over 120 […]

First Flight: Sun Flyer 2

DENVER, Colorado – The prototype Sun Flyer 2 aircraft had its first flight April 10, 2018. The prototype aircraft flight test program, which began in late March, is being conducted at Centennial Airport (KAPA), south of Denver, Colorado, and is now progressing to increased speed, altitude and endurance capabilities, according to officials with Bye Aerospace, […]

Aviat’s Husky rolls out with more than a dozen new enhancements

Aviat Aircraft landed at SUN ‘n FUN with more than a dozen enhancements to the venerable Husky. “The Husky has a proud heritage; it’s reliable, safe and built with quality craftsmanship,” said Stuart Horn, president, Aviat Aircraft. “We listened to our customers and have been working hard to make enhancements that we know pilots and […]

Tecnam sells six P2008s to International Aero Academy

Tecnam and Lakeland Linder’s International Aero Academy announced on opening day of SUN ’n FUN an aircraft purchase agreement for an initial six P2008 aircraft with the first delivery scheduled in the sec0nd quarter of 2018. IAA is an FAA-certificated ab initio and accelerated flight academy with authority to issue foreign student visas for training.  […]

Aviation’s newest superhero

Sure, Black Panther has surpassed $1 billion at the box office since its recent release. And you probably know that the Marvel Comics’ franchise, The Avengers, is wildly popular with audiences worldwide. But did you know that aviation has its own superhero? Aviore was gifted to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) by the Stan Lee […]

Long-term FAA reauthorization bill introduced in the House of Representatives

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Leaders of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee have introduced the bipartisan FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 (H.R. 4), a five-year bill to reauthorize the FAA. H.R. 4 was introduced in the House by the entire bipartisan leadership of the Committee and its six subcommittees, including Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill […]