Bird strike fatal for four

The purpose of the flight was to conduct low-level aerial surveying and photography. A review of air traffic radar data revealed that the Cessna 172 departed the airport in a southerly direction before turning west and then conducted two 360° turns. The airplane then proceeded northeast of the airport for about four miles before turning […]

Training flight ends with plane crashing into a house

The flight instructor was providing multiengine flight instruction to two students who were both pilots, which included simulated engine failures over the course of two flights. The Beech 76 landed at the airport in Pompano Beach, Florida, and the flight instructor told the accident pilot, who had only 2.4 hours experience in the Beech, that […]

Maintenance error leads to broken cable

The flight instructor reported that he and the pilot receiving instruction departed normally and climbed to an altitude of 1,000′ above ground level. The pilot completed the after-takeoff checklist and attempted to reduce engine power to a climb power setting, however the Piper PA28’s engine was unresponsive to throttle inputs. The pilots returned to the airport […]

Hard landing damages floatplane

The private pilot had owned the amphibious airplane for three weeks, and had performed about 30 water landings in the Maule M7-235B. He noted that during takeoff on the accident flight, the airplane was veering “severely” to the left, however he continued the takeoff. He said the flight was unremarkable, and he returned to the […]

Loose connection leads to forced landing

The pilot departed on a cross-country flight in his experimental, amateur-built Zenair 601XL, which was equipped with an electronic ignition system. He did not detect any electrical system anomalies before departure, but, about 14 minutes into the flight, the avionics switched to internal battery power. The pilot was unable to troubleshoot the electrical system, and […]

Pilot crashes his recently purchased 150

The pilot was relocating the recently-purchased Cessna 150J, departing on the three-hour flight with full fuel tanks, which provided an endurance of about five hours. During the descent to the airport in Bixby, Oklahoma, he advanced the mixture control to full rich, applied carburetor heat, and began to retard the throttle. The engine then suddenly […]

Landing on sand bar goes awry

The pilot of the tailwheel equipped Piper PA-18 reported that during the landing roll on a sandbar in Palmer, Alaska, as the sand transitioned from dry sand to wet sand, he applied brakes and the airplane nosed over. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the lift strut and the empennage. According to the pilot there […]

Historic plane finds a home at an historic place

For Mike Cifelli, three’s the charm. The Long Island resident owns three airplanes: A Bonanza, a Piper Cub, and a 1942 Stearman. “The wife and I, we travel,” he explains. “The Bonanza is what we use to travel, but the Stearman’s just a plane that you can get in and, when you have no place […]

Cessna 182 hits goose

The pilot reported during day visual meteorological conditions, he struck a goose at an altitude of about 2,000′ mean sea level while in cruise flight. The Cessna 182’s wind screen was shattered after the impact. The pilot reported he continued to the nearest airport in Moorestown, Michigan, and landed without further incident. A post-accident examination revealed […]