Improper soft-field landing technique bends RV-9

The pilot reported that while landing on a grass airstrip in Allison, Iowa, the RV-9’s nose landing gear “caught” on the soft turf and collapsed. The airplane slid about 60′, the forward portion of the fuselage hit terrain, and the airplane nosed over. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the fuselage, rudder, vertical stabilizer, and […]

Low altitude, airspeed bad combination

The non-certificated pilot reported that he conducted a low approach over the turf runway in Neshkoro, Wisconsin, at 50′ above ground level with the engine power at idle. About halfway down the runway, he applied full power, but the engine did not respond. He entered a shallow left turn and slowed the Challenger II to stall […]

Takeoff in crosswind bends landing gear

The pilot reported that during the takeoff roll about 60 knots with a “slight” crosswind, he “felt an abrupt” turn to the right, heard a “huge steady scrape” sound, and noted a vibration. Airborne at 65 knots, he reported a strong gust of wind from the left that felt like a quartering tail wind. He […]

Partial loss of engine power leads to Piper’s forced landing

The private pilot reported that, after a preflight inspection and engine run-up revealed no anomalies, he and a passenger departed, circled a nearby mountain, then descended to an altitude about 750′ above ground level. Shortly thereafter, the Piper PA-22’s engine experienced a partial loss of power. The pilot attempted to restore engine power, but was […]

Pilot seriously injured after ‘late’ go-around

The airline transport pilot was landing the experimental amateur-built Jodel F11A at his 1,600′ private runway in Marathon, Texas, when he attempted a “late” go-around. The airplane hit trees, a powerline, and terrain, resulting in substantial damage. The pilot was seriously injured in the crash. The pilot reported that there were no pre-impact mechanical malfunctions […]

Inexperienced pilot crashes trike

The non-certificated pilot reported that, after takeoff in the North Wing Apache, a light sport trike, about 200′ above ground level, he heard a popping sound and the aircraft yawed to the right. He heard the sound a second time, and the aircraft turned hard to the right. He applied full engine power in an attempt to […]

Takeoff on ice-covered runway goes awry

The pilot reported he landed the Beech C23 on the runway at the airport in Frenchville, Maine, with visible ice and snow, and noted no issues with the braking and steering capabilities of the airplane. During the subsequent takeoff roll with full power applied, the airplane started sliding to the left. He attempted to control […]

Piper gets away from pilot after hand-propping

The pilot shut down the Piper PA-24’s engine to reposition the plane prior to finishing the run-up. Upon attempting to restart the engine, the airplane’s battery charge was low and the engine would not start. He set the parking brake and hand propped the engine. The engine started and the airplane began to move without […]

Failure to use checklists results in fuel starvation

The student pilot departed on the solo cross-country flight with about four hours of fuel onboard the Cessna 172. About two hours into the flight, he noticed that the left tank fuel gauge was indicating almost empty. He was not concerned about the indication, stating that he had been trained not to rely on the […]

Failure to secure seat fatal

The flight instructor, who was controlling the Cessna 172, and the student pilot were conducting an instructional flight. During the takeoff from the airport in Charleston, West Virginia, the airplane lifted off about 1,000′ down the runway, pitched nose up, and rolled left to an inverted attitude before it hit terrain next to the runway […]