CYA, the FAA and the new unleaded avgas

Many years ago, I received some great advice from several friends at Continental Motors. They told me that the way to deal with the FAA was as follows: First, find the right person to deal with. You need to find someone who has dealt with similar types of approvals. Do your homework and do not […]

Pilot Perspectives: Anthony Oshinuga

“All I want to do is fly airplanes,” says the 32-year-old aerobatic competitor, air racer, airshow performer and air tour operator. “I’m really passionate about it.” Indeed, Anthony Oshinuga lives and breathes aviation. As the owner and chief pilot of Air Oshi, based in Temecula, California, Oshinuga offers aerial tours of the scenic southern California […]

A visit to Alaska

A 2017 journey to the 49th state took me to Fairbanks and Anchorage. Having been to Anchorage years ago, I knew I would be re-visiting the Alaskan Aviation Museum, but it turned out that many other aircraft photo opportunities presented themselves during the trip. Spending time along the shore of Lake Hood was definitely a pleasure […]

Human Factors: Ambiguity

GPS and air data computers make en route navigation the most precise it’s been in aviation history. In some ways, too precise. Transoceanic airliners began to suffer hours of sustained turbulence caused by dozens and dozens of wide-body aircraft flying on the same track, through each other’s wake vortices. Eventually, international airlines flying those routes […]

The Tesla of the sky

When I talk with anyone interested in learning to fly, two topics seem to always come up. Pilots complain about the cost of flying and their spouse, who is usually not a pilot, worries about safety. It’s been this way for decades. Well, things might be about to change. There’s a technology on the horizon […]

David Morrell: Author, adventurer, aviator

At 74, Canadian David Morrell has a shelf of literary awards to go along with his 30-plus novels. Creator of the American icon Rambo, Morrell is well-known in publishing as a man who prefers intense first-hand research over library-based research. “In 2006, I started to write a novel, ‘The Shimmer,’ about the mysterious Marfa lights […]

Are backup systems overrated?

What’s the point of carrying a handheld radio if you have one (or two) radios installed in your panel? For that matter, why carry a paper sectional chart if you have a fancy glass panel cockpit or an iPad running ForeFlight or FlyQ? Besides common sense, what’s the point in having a backup to your […]

FlareAssist introduced

New from Recreational Mobility, “The Searey Specialist,” is the FlareAssist Radar Altimeter for glassy water landings. FlareAssist annunciates the aircraft’s altitude above the surface, starting from 30′, down to 1′. Accuracy is +/- 3″. Audio can be plugged into the intercom via a MP3 plug, or hardwired into the intercom’s non-muting input. Power requirement is 12 […]

Eclipse pre-owned aircraft program launches

LOS ANGELES — AEROCOR has launched a Certified Pre­Owned Program for the Eclipse 500 and 550. “We are very excited to bring this unique opportunity to the Eclipse market,” says company co-­founder Gavin Woodman. “We know how stressful buying a jet can be, and we’ve seen how easy it is to make costly mistakes. We […]

Trio autopilot approved for Cessna 177, 180 and 185s, more to come

The STC Group has received approval from the FAA to add the Cessna 177, Cessna 180 and Cessna 185 to its Supplemental Type Certificate model list for the Trio Avionics Corporation’s Pro Pilot autopilot. With these additions, the autopilot STC now extends to Cessna 172, 175, 177, 180, 182, 185, and Piper PA-28 models, according […]