Landing on muddy runway goes awry

According to the pilot of the tailwheel-equipped American Legend AL11C-100, he made an approach to his private sod airstrip in Las Animas, Colorado, after several days of rain showers. He reported that as the main wheels made contact with the surface, the plane immediately nosed over. A photograph taken following the accident showed the runway […]

Forced landing to road after 152 runs out of fuel

The commercial pilot reported that he visually checked the Cessna 152’s fuel tanks before conducting the personal flight and verified that they were full with a total of 26 gallons (24.5 usable) before the flight departed. Fuel receipts corroborated that the airplane was refueled before the flight. The pilot reported that, shortly after he descended […]

Alby’s remarkable journey across America

Alby was, at first, a mythical albatross that fledged in soaring pilot Sergio Colacevich’s mind. Sergio, a record-setting soaring pilot and a retired California Department of Transportation  engineer, formally introduced the concept of Alby’s journey in the September 2008 issue of Soaring magazine. Described as a curious and adventurous young albatross, Alby, who was confined […]

King Air pilot forgets to set parking brake

The pilot reported that he parked the Beech B200 at the airport in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and shut down the requisite systems, then proceeded to the back of the airplane to allow the passengers to disembark and set the wheel chocks. As he began to open the cabin door, he realized the airplane was rolling […]

Deer hits Pilatus PC-12 on takeoff

During the takeoff roll, at the moment of rotation during night visual conditions, the pilot observed two white-tailed deer running across the runway at the airport in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The pilot maneuvered the Pilatus PC-12 to avoid the deer, however one of the deer hit the nose wheel. The pilot decided to continue the takeoff. […]

Exhausted pilot ground loops after missing runway

According to the pilot, during his approach at a non-towered airport in Big Bear, California, at night, he made the descent to what he thought was the runway, but realized it was actually the taxiway. He “slipped” right to what he perceived to be the runway. Upon Tailwind W8 ground looped and nosed over. The […]

Repeated maintenance errors lead to landing gear failure

The airline transport pilot was conducting a personal cross-country flight. He reported he configured the Cessna 340A to land at his destination airport in Bakersfield, California. However, during his instrument panel scan, he observed a warning light indicating that the right main landing gear (MLG) was not locked in the extended position. He departed the […]

Unexplained fuel exhaustion leads to forced landing

The commercial pilot reported that, during a post-maintenance test flight, the Piper PA31’s right engine surged and then behaved consistent with a fuel flow issue. The right engine subsequently lost power, and the pilot prepared to return to the airport. However, before he could secure the right engine, the left engine started to surge and […]

Distracted pilot fails to lower landing gear

The pilot reported that while entering the traffic pattern at the airport in Venice, Florida, for landing, he was distracted by approximately eight other airplanes already in the traffic pattern. He subsequently forgot to extend the landing gear and landed with the gear retracted. The Cessna 210 came to rest upright on the runway. Examination […]

Buzzard hits 182

The pilot reported that while performing aerial observation along a pipeline in a Cessna 182, he spotted a buzzard about 200′ ahead of the airplane. He attempted to turn left to avoid the buzzard, but the bird changed its course and struck the right wing. The pilot landed without further incident in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A […]