One Snazzy Super Ace

Whoa! What’s that sporty little airplane flying by? It looks like it’s flying right off the cover of the April 1935 issue of Popular Aviation! Truth be known, it’s one of O.G. “Ace” Corben’s homebuilt designs, and detailed factory drawings for this monoplane were published in sequential issues of Popular Aviation that year. The Corben […]

Pilot Perspectives: Gordon Alvord

In the shadows of the mid-2000 economic slowdown, many young airline pilots like Gordon Alvord were asked to remain in the employment “holding pattern.” Times were tough for the entire nation and the luxury of air travel for everyday citizens was replaced by necessity. With less money to go around, there were simply fewer routes […]

Asleep at the yoke

Falling asleep while flying is something I’ve never done. I remember reading about a flight crew who did, overflying their Hawaiian island destination. I wondered what those two pilots felt in that moment when they both suddenly awoke with land and the airport well behind them. I can only imagine the gut-wrenching feeling they must […]

Buying a used fuel tank to store 100LL

I recently received an email from a pilot who lives in a remote area where 100LL is not readily available. He was thinking about buying a used tank that had been storing #2 diesel fuel. He was wondering if it could be safely used to store 100LL. I debated the answer for quite a while […]

Miss Vermont cleared for takeoff

By STEVE SCHAPIRO Mention a runway to most Miss America contestants, and they’ll likely think of evening gowns and heels. But not Miss Vermont. Mention a runway to Erin Connor, this year’s representative from the Green Mountain State, and she’s expecting to hear, “Cleared for takeoff.” Erin earned her private pilot certificate at the age […]

16-year-old solos in 100-year-old Jenny

By CAROLINE DOUGHTERY I pushed the throttle forward, quickly glanced at the tachometer to check for the full 1450 RPM, let my feet dance on the rudder bar to keep the nose straight down the runway, and thought, “Wow! I’m actually out here on my own!” That’s how I celebrated my Sweet 16: Making my […]

Do you know where your wing spars come from?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t often think about where my food comes from. Sad, really, but truthful. I suppose I don’t really think about where most of the “stuff” I consume comes from —  including parts and pieces of aircraft. For Ron Piercy, a fishing trip to southeastern Alaska five years ago […]

Tavares rebuilding seaplane base after Hurricane Irma

The popular seaplane base and marina at Tavares, Florida, known as “America’s Seaplane City,” was heavily damaged by Hurricane Irma as it swept through the central part of the state Sept. 10-11, 2017. Salvage operations are underway, but it will months before the area returns to normal. “We prepared for the storm, but it came […]

Wipaire upgrades Caravan floats

Wipaire has rolled out oil bath wheels on new production Wipline 8750 amphibious floats, eliminating the need for repeated greasing. The design allows the main gear wheel bearings to be continuously lubricated using common SAE 15W50 motor oil (or equivalent), increasing the life of the bearings, company officials explained. Oil bath wheels are standard on […]

Sometimes old school is best…

Sporty’s Classic Kneeboard, one of the products offered the longest by the pilot shop, demonstrates that sometimes old school is best, according to company officials. Its simple design withstands decades of use, they note. Sporty’s Classic Kneeboard is an extra-thick aluminum board with foam backing and an elastic strap with a Velcro closure. Measuring 6” by […]