Formation flight ends fatally

Pilot Error NTSB Accident ReportThe airline transport pilot and a passenger were conducting a formation pleasure/sightseeing flight in an Aviat A-1C-200 with another airplane in mountainous terrain near Swan Valley, Idaho. The pilot of the second airplane, who was flying behind the Aviat, stated that the two airplanes flew into a canyon area. As they approached a ridgeline, the […]

Piper’s return journey over mountains ends fatally

Loss of Control NTSB Accident ReportThe non-instrument rated private pilot and his passenger completed a cross-country flight from their home base to another airport in the Piper PA-28R-180 earlier that day. They delayed their initial planned departure time for that flight due to weather concerns, ultimately arriving three hours later than planned. During that flight, they flew over a high […]

SR22 hits power lines

Pilot Error NTSB Accident ReportThe private pilot was flying a night visual pattern to a non-towered airport in Lancaster, Texas. Due to another airplane on final approach, he extended the downwind leg to create spacing. While on the extended final in a rural area with low lighting, he descended the airplane well below a proper glidepath to the runway […]

Beach landing bad for Piper pilot

Pilot Error NTSB Accident ReportAccording to the pilot, he intended to perform a touch and go “to roll the tires” on a beach in Old Harbor, Alaska. He reported that he touched down, added power, and became airborne. Shortly after becoming airborne the Piper PA-18-150 rotated 90° to the right, and the left wing hit the ground. The airplane […]

CFIT kills four

Controlled Flight Into Terrain NTSB Accident ReportThe commercial pilot and three passengers departed on an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight in instrument meteorological conditions that included a ceiling of 200 feet agl. About a mile from the departure end of the runway at the airport in Pottsville, Arkansas, the A36 hit a ridge that was 216 feet above the airport’s elevation. […]

Carb icing brings down Champ

AR-Carb IcingThe commercial pilot was taking off for a personal local flight in the Champion 7ECA. He reported that, shortly after takeoff and as the plane reached about 700 feet above ground level, the engine began to gradually lose power. He attempted to return to the departure airport, but was unable to maintain altitude. He then […]

Cessna 150 ends up on Florida golf course after cylinder fails

Equipment Failure NTSB Accident ReportThe commercial pilot was conducting a personal flight in the Cessna 150M. He reported that, several minutes after takeoff and while en route to his destination airport, the engine began to run roughly and lose power. He attempted to restore power without success. He then maneuvered the plane for a forced landing on the fairway […]

Piston seizure contributes to fatal crash of unregistered homebuilt

Equipment Failure NTSB Accident ReportThe private pilot taxied out and took off for a personal flight from a private grass runway in Bennington, Kansas, in an unregistered homebuilt airplane. A witness reported that, when the airplane reached 150 feet above the ground, the engine stopped. The pilot then turned the plane back toward the runway, and it then dropped […]

Crankshaft failure proves fatal

Equipment Failure NTSB Accident ReportThe airline transport pilot was departing on a personal local flight in his Mooney M20M when the engine lost total power. Review of security video at the airport in Worcester, Mass., revealed that, after takeoff, the airplane reached an altitude of about 200 feet before turning right and reversing direction. The airplane subsequently stalled, rolled to the […]

Maule driver picks wrong field for landing

Pilot Error NTSB Accident ReportThe pilot of the tailwheel-equipped Maule M7-260C reported that he landed in a field near Grace, Idaho, that had numerous gopher holes and mounds. During the landing roll, the main landing gear encountered a soft spot in the terrain and the airplane nosed over. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the left wing strut, rudder, […]