Tips to break-in your new engine

In my last column, Breaking in a new engine in the Aug. 24 issue, I discussed the mechanics of breaking in an engine. In this column I will discuss some of the steps every pilot should take during break-in. The first decision is what oil to use for break-in. Here, again, you need to refer to […]

Consideration — or the lack of it

We were on an out and back — Dulles to Newark, Newark to Dulles. Our assigned aircraft had just come out of maintenance. The captain flew the Newark leg. No issues. I flew us back to Dulles. We landed uneventfully on Runway 19R. I applied the reverse thrusters, and then I applied the brakes. That’s […]

Pilot Perspectives: Rich Stowell

Visualize for a moment that you’re high above the ground, nose pointed skyward, throttle in one hand, control stick pulled into your lap with the other. As the aircraft slows you peer over the engine cowl while working to maintain a steady altitude. In tandem a muted horn bleats with a blinking red light cautioning […]

A dangerous flight

Dispatch from KSAF, Santa Fe, New Mexico: By dawn’s early light I can see the silver fins of the stroker engine through the air intakes in the nose bowl, the front cylinders a pair of griffins in twin caves, ready to leap from their lairs and devour slower prey. The new engine is ready to […]

Back to Blakesburg

Come one, come all, from large to small — to Antique Airfield in Blakesburg, Iowa! The airplanes that fill the skies over Antique Airfield every Labor Day weekend are a treat to see and hear, and it isn’t unusual to spot a make or model you’ve not seen previously. Ever see an open-cockpit biplane in […]

‘Dottie Mae’ debut highlights Warbird Roundup 2017

There’s an old-hat easygoing comfort in the way the Warhawk Air Museum hosts its annual Warbird Roundup in Nampa, Idaho, every summer, but the event is far from the same each year. This year, in addition to rousing start-ups and fly-bys with the Planes of Fame Museum’s P-38, F4U, and B-25, Warbird Roundup hosted the […]

Totally eclipsed

By CELIA VANDERPOOL Eyebrows raised when I mentioned flying to Idaho from Southern California to view the eclipse from the air. There were a lot of questions: “That’s a long way to go for two minutes.” “You’ll have to be night current.” “How do you know what altitude to fly?” “How will you protect your […]

Graphical forecasts to replace text-based forecasts Oct. 10

The transition to graphical forecasts for aviation (GFAs) for the continental U.S. is set to be complete Oct. 10, 2017, when the current textual area forecasts (FAs) will be discontinued. The move, in a transition phase since July, is expected to result in improved weather information from forecasters with the National Weather Service Aviation Weather […]

Aircraft Spruce Customer Appreciation Day Oct. 7

Aircraft Spruce will hold its annual Customer Appreciation Day Oct. 7, 2017, at its facility in Corona, California. “Come join the fun and get a chance to win big prizes during our hourly raffles,” officials said. The event begins at 7 a.m. with breakfast sponsored by Teledyne Batteries, followed by a BBQ lunch sponsored by Champion […]

Hood River Fly-In challenged by forest fires

HOOD RIVER, Ore. – Since 2007, the Hood River Fly-In has earned a smokin’ hot reputation as a premier antique aircraft fly-in. In 2017, “smokin'” turned literal as nearby forest fires enveloped the area around Ken Jernstedt Airfield (4S2) in smoke and a trio of TFRs.  In 2016, several hundred aircraft from all over descended […]