Engine failure at 2,000 feet

By Mark W. Johnson, CFI The morning was typical for a hot and humid July, with a few scattered clouds and a small line of rain showers to the south of the airport. My student was about to embark on his third training flight towards earning his private pilot certificate. Our aircraft, a Cessna 152, was […]

Bad landing bends 180

Loss of Control NTSB Accident ReportThe pilot of the tailwheel-equipped Cessna 180 planned to land at a mountain airport situated in a valley near McCall, Idaho. He overflew the airport and observed the windsock, which indicated the wind was out the north and then entered the left downwind for Runway 19, which has an uphill slope. While on downwind, the […]

182 pilot loses control during crosswind landing

Loss of Control NTSB Accident ReportThe pilot reported she was compensating for a crosswind throughout the final approach to landing at the airport in Ely, Nevada. During the touchdown, the Cessna 182T was “at a slight angle” and immediately veered to the right. She applied full left rudder and brakes, but the airplane left the runway and hit a runway […]

Revitalizing the 172 — and GA

By J. DOUGLAS HINTON It’s an old adage: Everything old is new again. But in the case of Yingling Aviation‘s Ascend 172, it takes a lot of work to make an old plane like new again. First introduced at AirVenture 2015, the Ascend 172 is one of the original “remanufactured” aircraft, designed to get people […]

CubCrafters pilot hits trees on takeoff

Loss of Control NTSB Accident ReportThe pilot of the tailwheel-equipped CubCrafters CC11-16 was departing from a mountain airport in a valley in Lake City, Colo. He reported that during takeoff, he rotated at about 52-54 miles per hour, and about 20 feet above the ground, a strong crosswind from the left pushed the airplane to right of the runway centerline. […]

Excessive application of brakes bends Stinson

Loss of Control NTSB Accident ReportAccording to the pilot of the tailwheel-equipped Stinson HW75, the airplane veered to the left during the landing roll at the airport in Bremerton, Washington, and he overcorrected by applying excessive right brake. The airplane rapidly turned to the right, and the left main landing gear collapsed. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the left […]

Takeoff goes awry

Loss of Control NTSB Accident ReportAfter taking off from a frozen gravel bar by a river in remote wilderness near Arctic Village, Alaska, the Cessna 170B stalled. The left main landing gear struck the edge of the cut bank and the left wing hit the ground. The fuselage then hit the top of the bank and spun counterclockwise. The left […]

Student’s soft field takeoff ends up in ditch

Pilot Error NTSB Accident ReportThe student pilot reported that during a solo soft field takeoff at the airport in Sanford, N.C., the tail of the Diamond DA-20 hit the ground. He lowered the nose, and as the airspeed increased, initiated rotation. After liftoff, the plane drifted to the left of the runway, descended, and hit the bottom of a […]

Missing bolt brings down Howard DGA

Equipment Failure NTSB Accident ReportThe pilot was en route to his destination when three to four miles before reaching the runway, he lost elevator authority. He used elevator trim and power settings to control pitch and descended over the runway in Englewood, Colo. He was able to level off over the runway and tried to get the airspeed to […]

172 porpoises on landing

Loss of Control NTSB Accident ReportThe pilot reported that during the landing roll at the airport in Herington, Kansas, “all of a sudden the plane started ballooning up from a strong gust of wind, I lowered the nose of the airplane slightly as to avoid a stall.” “I was then forced back to the ground violently and once again ballooned […]