Picture of the Day: Celebrating the square-tailed 182 at Smiley Creek

Robert “Bob” Bement submitted this photo and note: “This was a special fly-in for square-tail 182s made by Cessna starting in 1956 and ending in 1959. All together we had about 20 of these attend the June 2020 fly-in at Smiley Creek Airport (U87) in Idaho. Some stayed only a few hours, and some stayed […]

The Wichita Fokker

Reminiscent of the World War I German Fokker D.VII fighter, the elephant ear Travel Air 2000 gained a nickname as the Wichita Fokker.

Distracted pilot runs out of fuel

Probable cause: The pilot’s improper verification of the fuel quantity during the preflight inspection, which resulted in fuel exhaustion and a subsequent loss of engine power. Contributing to the accident was the pilot’s distraction due to a malfunctioning hangar door and a telephone call while preparing for the flight.   

Picture of the Day: Everything’s gone green

Benjamin Redman submitted this photo and note: “WACO UPF-7, N164, remanufactured by RARE Aircraft Ltd, departs Sky-Harbor Airpark, Webster, Minnesota. Pilot, Benjamin Redman. Owner, Robert Masone. Photographer Dave Swartz.” Would you like to have your photo featured as Picture of the Day? You can submit it via this form. All photos sent in for Picture […]

Countdown to Project Skylab

“It’s a launchpad for the future,” "Lites" explains. “Just like Skylab is a launch pad for those who are going to the moon, we are going to give the students a foundation from which to leap into their own personal future.”

Flight sim sessions via cyberspace

From anywhere in the world, instructors will be able to guide and control flight training sessions on Redbird simulators by setting and changing the weather, initiating failures, pausing and unpausing flights, repositioning aircraft, and more.